Banjo #20024-X - Tennessee

Below is a You Tube video of Jason on the Tennessee Banjo

This was a fun custom project for Jason in Tennessee. First request sparked interest in replicating the State of Tennessee for the Peghead. After some sizing and reference back to the good ole Strat. shape/angle, the project fell into place. Some detail hand work but well worth it. Looks great.

The orange color is natural, no stain. Natural color variant of the Chakte Viga wood from my local store.


Truss Rod

Spalted Maple Fretboard - SCOOPED

Chakte Viga (Orange) Peghead Plate - TENNESSEE CUSTOM PROJECT

Planetary Tuners

25.5 scale - 17 frets

1.35 inch nut width

12-inch block walnut rim

Bolivian Rosewood Tone Ring

Walnut Dowel Stick

Chakte Viga (Orange) Armrest

Built for Tennessee