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Open Back 5-String Banjos 

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Stone Banjo Company (SBC) builds handcrafted, affordable OPEN BACK banjos that meet the following goals:

·   Provide customers a Quality, Solid, Handcrafted Banjo

·   Player friendly with great tone 

·   Affordable Price

·   Made in USA (in my shop) - No CNC.   Rasp, scraper, file, clamps, and dedication.

·   Built using Appalachian Hardwoods 

·   Custom banjo services (see Customize your Banjo menus)

·   Craftmanship and Appeal – Pride in Ownership

·   25.5 scale ; 26.25 scale, A-Scale, LEFTY, whatever you want

·  PARTIAL INTERNAL RESONATORS - 11 or 12 inch rims (Click 2208822094X, and 22112X)

·  Tunneled 5th string

·  Curved or straight scoop

·  Tone Ring Installation - Rolled Brass, Dobson, etc.

·   1.35+ to 1.25 inch nut width - whatever you want

·   11-inch or 12 inch rims

·   Fretless with  fret guides

·   Half-fret fretboard (21039-X)

·   CUSTOM TENSION HOOPS - Building custom Stone Banjo Company (SBC) Brass Tension Hoops.   All handmade and a great addition to the one-of-a-kind banjos.   Take a look at the more recent additions to the family under the "Custom Gallery", "Sold" and "For Sale" menus and you will see these tension hoops are attractive and a perfect fit to Stone Banjos. 

·   Great Customer Service (see Warranty)

·   Receive Referrals and Recommendations – Tell a friend

My overall goal is to build one-of-a-kind handcrafted banjos that customers find pride in owning and playing.     Thanks for visiting my website and take a moment to navigate and review the menus. 

Thanks and have a good day

Steve Gerritsen - Owner and Builder     412-303-8461 

Note: Photo - Redrock Campground - Dolly Sods, West Virginia

#21045X - 5th STRING TUNNELING (click link) - Alternative to the typical design, moving the 5th string tuner to the peghead for unobstructed play.  

NEW - Brass Scoop (21037-X) - Straight or curved (22111)

NEW - HALF-FRET fretboard (21039-X)


Give me a call and design your next custom banjo

STAY TUNED for more.   Always busy in the shop.