Custom Banjos

Check out the Custom Banjos built for customers.  Click on the link below.

"Love the banjo awesome hand made American instrument. Looks great sounds great. Steve is always in contact ever step of the build. I can't wait for my next one to be built" 20018

"You can hardly tear me away from this banjo! Working with you throughout the custom-instrument process has been a pleasure. I appreciate how responsive you were, and how much additional time you put into sourcing that troublesome lefty 5th string tuner. The resulting instrument is awesome!!!" 20035-X Lefty

21042 - 11-inch custom for my friend in Scotland

21044X - Another 12-inch Clawhammer banjo - One of a kind

21045X - TUNNELED 5th STRING, 12 inch, Scooped, Beauty

21048X - All wood, curly walnut PERSONAL banjo, curved scoop

21049X - A-Scale 12-inch walnut banjo, curved scoop

21050 - "A"-Scale, 11-inch steambent thin rim, Balch skin head

21051X - LUNAR banjo, pheno knot on fretboard.   One of a kind

21054X - 12-inch Mahogany neck, Walnut rim - Rolled Brass TR 

21057X - 12 inch Walnut neck 

21058 - 11 inch Walnut neck and Rim Woody - Bacote FB

21059X - 12 inch Half-Fret, Curly Maple neck , Goat Skin head

21060 - 11 inch rim, Curly Maple neck - 5th String Tunnel

21061 - Cherry neck, 11-inch Steam bent cherry rim

21062 - "A-Scale" Walnut neck, 11-inch block Walnut rim, Ebony fretboard

21063X- Cherry neck, 12-inch block Chery rim, Dobson tone ring

21064- Ziricote fretless fretboard, mahogany neck, 11-inch steam bent rim

21067X- Spalted maple fretboard, Cherry neck, 12-inch walnut rim

21068X- Brazilian Walnut fretboard, MESQUITE neck, 12-inch MESQUITE rim

21069- Rosewood fretboard, 11-inch steam bent rim, Native American heritage inlay

21072- Tunneled 5th string, Cherry neck, Steambent Cherry rim, Curly Tigerwood fretboard

21073- A-Scale Tunneled 5th string, Cherry neck, Steambent Cherry rim, Ebony fretboard

21074X- 12-inch Walnut Rim, Walnut neck, Bacote fretboard

21075X- 12-inch Cherry Rim, cherry rim. Ebony fretboard

21076X- FRETLESS, Brazilian Walnut (IPE) Fretboard, Curly Maple Neck, 12-inch rim. 

21077X- Ebony fretboard with special COY fish inlay, curly maple, Whyte Laydie TR 

22084X - Solid walnut 11-inch banjo with Dobson heel.  

22085 - White Oak Banjo - 11 inch rim.  Slight stain to highlight grain,  

22087X- Ebony Fretboard, Walnut Neck, 12-inch Walnut rim. 

22088 -  European Boxwood Fretboard (1/2 fret), INTERNAL RESONATOR, Very cool

22090 -  Persimmon fretboard, Cherry neck, 11-inch Walnut rime with IPE TR

22091X -  Curly Maple fretboard, Walnut neck, 12-inch Cherry rim

22094X -  12-inch Walnut Rim, INTERNAL RESONATOR, Walnut neck

22095X -  12-inch Walnut Rim, Walnut neck, maple trim, Rolled Brass Tone ring

22096X -  12-inch Walnut Rim, Curly Walnut neck, Dobson Tone ring

22097 -  CURLY MAPLE Neck, 11-inch steambent maple  rim

22098X -  Cherry neck and 12-inch rim, curly maple fretboard, Juggler custom inlay

22102X -  TUNNELED 5th, A-SCALE, tigerwood fretboard, cherry neck/12-inch rim

22103X -  Spalted Maple fretboard, solid cherry 12-inch banjo

22104X -  NEW ZEALAND Banjo - Ebony fretboard, rich curly/grained walnut neck, 12-inch walnut rim

22105 -  Black Locust fretboard, beautiful grain, walnut neck and 11-inch block rim

22106X -  TUNNELED 5th, tigerwood fretboard, ebony addition to compliment inlays

22107X - LEFTY, Tigerwood fretboard, Brass plate in scoop, 12" block rim and TR

22108 -  11-inch rim, Ebony  fretboard, Walnut neck and rim with great grain 

22106X -  Bacote fretboard, 12-inch walnut rim, cherry neck

22110-  A-SCALE, Nylgut strings, rosewood fretboard, solid walnut banjo

22111 -  11-inch steambent rim, Ebony fretboard, Curly Maple neck, INLAYS

23113X -  12-inch Full Walnut Banjo, Curly Walnut, Curly Tigerwood fretboard, 

23114X-  12-inch Full Walnut Banjo, Curly Maple Fretboard, Wood Tone Ring

23115X-  Flaming Curly Maple neck, Ebony Fretboard, 12-inch Wood Tone Ring

23116X-  Persimmon Fretboard, Cherry neck with Dobson heel, Rolled Brass TR

23119X- A-SCALE, Ebony fretboard, Cherry neck and 12-inch rim,  Rolled Brass TR

23120- 11-inch steambent maple rim, Curly Maple Neck, Picana Fretboard

23121X- 1880 BARN SERIES, Fretless, Curly Maple, Old Growth White Oak throughout

23125- A-SCALE, Tunneled  5th, Walnut Banjo with 11-inch rim. Persimmon Fretboard

23127X- Walnut Banjo with 12-inch rim.  Nicely grained Picana Fretboard, Skin Head

23128X- Bacote Fretboard, Walnut neck, 12-inch Cherry rim.  

23131X- Curly Maple Neck, Ebony  Fretboard, Walnut neck, 12-inch Walnut rim.  

23132X- Walnut Neck, Persimmon  Fretboard, 12-inch Walnut rim.  

23133X- A-Scale, Tunneled 5th, Partial Resonator, Cherry neck and 12-inch rim

23136 - Walnut Neck, Persimmon  Fretboard, 11-in. Walnut rim, Ipe TR.  

23137X- Walnut Neck, Rosewood  Fretboard, 12-inch Walnut rim.  

23138- A-Scale, Tunneled 5th, Curly Maple Neck, Whyte Ladie tone ring

23139 - Cherry Neck(Antler heel cap), Persimmon  Fretboard, 11-inch Walnut rim.  

23142 - Bacote  Fretboard, Walnut neck and 11-inch Walnut rim.  

23143X - LEFTY, 1/2 Fret, Brass Plate, Spalted Maple Fretboard, Maple neck/12-in. rim

23143X - LEFTY,  Tigerwood Fretboard, Cherry neck, 11-inch walnut rim

23144- Persimmon  Fretboard, Walnut Neck/rim, Coal Scrip Inlay in Peghead/scoop  

24150X- Rosewood  Fretboard, Cherry Neck/rim, Rolled Brass Tone Ring 

24151- LEFTY, Ebony Fretboard, Cherry Neck and Rim. Wood Tone Ring 

24152- Indian Rosewood  Fretboard, Walnut Neck/rim, Wood Tone Ring 

24153X-TigerwoodFretboard, Cherry Neck/12-inch rim, Wood Tone Ring 

24156X-Indian Rosewood Fretboard, Cherry Neck/12-inch rim, Wood Tone Ring 

24157- Tigerwood Fretboard, Cherry Neck, 11-inch cherry steam bent rim, wood TR 

24158- Tigerwood Fretboard, Walnut Neck, 11-inch Walnut rim, wood TR 

24159X - 1/2 Fret, Brass Plate, Round Peak Style design, Rosewood Fretboard, Cherry

24162- Spalted Maple Fretboard, Cherry Neck, 11-inch Cherry rim, wood TR 

24163- Rosewood Fretboard, Cherry Neck, 11-inch Steambent Cherry rim, wood TR 

24164X- Bacote Fretboard, Cherry Neck, 12-inch Walnut rim, wood TR 

24165X- Rosewood  Fretboard, Cherry Neck, 12-inch Cherry rim, wood TR 

As presented in the Menu "Customize Your Banjo", customers can choose various wood types, designs, etc.  

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"I was drawn to Stone Banjo Company because Steve said he could build me a banjo using only Appalachian hardwoods, which interested me from a sustainability standpoint............... Aesthetically, I feel like I have a piece of art hanging on my wall. I highly recommend Stone Banjo Company." 20036-X