Stone Banjo Company

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Open Back 5-String Banjos

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Stone Banjo Company (SBC) builds handcrafted, affordable OPEN BACK banjos that meet the following goals:

· Provide customers a Quality, Solid Handcrafted Banjo

· Player friendly with great tone

· Affordable Price

· Made in USA (in my shop) - Not China - No CNC. Rasp, scraper, file, clamps.

· Build out using Appalachian Hardwoods

· Custom banjo services (see Customize you Banjo menus)

· Craftmanship and Appeal – Pride in Ownership

· Great Customer Service (see Warranty)

· Receive Referrals and Recommendations – Tell a friend

My overall goal is to build one-of-a-kind handcrafted banjos that customers find pride in owning and playing. Thanks for visiting my website and take a moment to navigate and review the menus. I believe you will understand what Stone Banjo Company is all about.

Thanks and have a good day

Steve Gerritsen - Owner and Builder

Note: Photo - Redrock Campground - Dolly Sods, West Virginia

Above is #20006 C, made for (my friend) Bart on Florida. He named it appropriately Moon Star..... A-scale, killer tone, and overall a beautiful banjo. His wife made the emblem of the Stone Banjo logo for the case.... Bonus, she is going to give me a few.... More than I could ask for, beyond expectations.... Further testament of the awesome folks out there in the banjo community. Living the dream... Making banjos for Bart and the world....

More (non-COVID19) NEWS !!!!!

Uploaded THIRD stock banjo to the "For Sale" page. Check it out. 12-inch, killer spalted maple fretboard. Now to start on the next batch. I am getting custom orders in.... Love the custom work and meeting/working with folks while I build and make their wish banjo come alive.....

Ooops, 12 inch spalted banjo sold 1st day ..... Lucky guy from New York.....

ALSO, Just uploaded the four (4) late 1800's tribute banjos. Mahogany neck, 12-inch maple rim, fretless (with frets cut as guides), real skin head, nylgut strings. BEAUTIFUL Simple, plunky banjo. Check them out.....

Ooops, Curly maple fretboard banjo 20012-18 sold 1st day from California.... There are three (3) left....

STAY TUNED for more. Always busy in the shop.