Nice banjo completed for Roman in Austria.    Chery neck and one of the remaining 2-ply steambent SBC 11- inch cherry rims wit walnut trim.  Beautiful rosewood  fretboard and peghead plate with balance of great flowy grain yet subtle.  (photographed prior to installation of  custom Rosewood armrest).    Shipped off to AUSTRIA and arrived to a happy customer.   Pretty cool.    

Rosewood Fretboard and Peghead Plate

Cherry neck - Carved "Chunky" as requested

Truss Rod

26.188  scale

11-inch Steambent Cherry rim 

Wood tone ring

Fibryskin head

Custom SBC Tension Hoop

Aged Brass Planetary Tuners  and hardware

1.35 inch nut width 

Walnut Dowel 

Rosewood Armrest

Hawktail Tailpiece

Built for Roman  in AUSTRIA