Custom banjo for Bryan in Reno

12-inch walnut rim, Cherry neck, Bacote fretboard with great grain patterns.   The Bocote always adds an extra bit of beauty/unique-ness to any of the SBC banjos.  The killer knots on the peghead are a bonus.

Great balanced tone.

Built with all woods as a  designed susainable banjo by at Bryans direction.   Ebony nut/pip, wood fretdots.   Worked out great.   

Bacote Fretboard

Knotty bacote Peghead Plate

Cherry Neck 

12-inch block walnut rim 

Wood tone ring

Renaissance head

Brass Planetary Tuners 

1.35 inch nut width

Staight Scoop

Aged Brass hardware

Walnut Dowel 

Walnut Armrest 

No Knot tailpiece

Built for Bryan in Reno, NV