Banjo #21039X

Curly maple neck with Splated Maple fretboard, Brazilian Teak 1/2-Fret plate, Walnut peghead plate with Ancient eagle coin, Maple rim with Maple tone ring. Nygut strings. Beautiful curly grain and spalted wood, versatile banjo for a lifetime of buttery slides.

Curly Maple neck with cherry stripe

Brazilian Teak 1/2-fret plate (super hard)

Fibryskin head

Spalted maple fretboard

Walnut peghead plate with 1800's eagle coin

Gotoh Brass Planetary Tuners - Black knobs

25.5 scale

1.35 inch nut width

12-INCH - block Maple Rim with Cherry rim cap

Maple Tone Ring

Custom SBC Tension Hoop

SBC custom tailpiece - Curly maple

Cherry Dowel Stick

Walnut Armrest

Second Build for J.T. in New Hampshire