"This is my fifth custom build banjo and I’m impressed. I really appreciate the attention to detail ..... Each of Steve’s banjos is different. They are truly one-off, custom instruments. They only share one attribute; they are all drop-dead gorgeous" 20031X

"I’m very PROUD to claim to be the first owner of Steve’s 1880’s Tribute Banjos! STONE Banjo is a fitting name, and describes it all! “A stone is created by combined minerals and determined by it’s origins. And takes time.....” Has a stone ever caught your eye, you pick it up and keep it forever?! I did, and I will ! " 20012-18 (1800 series)








#20009-18 - 1800's series

#20010-18 - 1800's series

#20011-18 - 1800's series

#20012-18 - 1800's series








#20021X (12-inch, scooped, Custom SBC Tension Hoop)

#20026X (25.5 scale, 1.35" nut, scooped, SBC tension hoop, nice banjo)

#20027-18-(12-inch, FRETLESS, scooped, thin rim, SBC tension hoop)

#20029X (12-inch, scooped, 1.35-inch nut, SBC Custom tension hoop)

21040 - 11-inch cherry / maple banjo. Creamy tone

21041 - 11 inch cherry / walnut combo. Great balanced tone

21043 - 11 inch curly walnut beauty, scooped

21046X - 12-inch Maple / Walnut banjo

21052- 11-inch Walnut all wood banjo

21053X- 12-inch Curly Walnut all wood banjo

21055X- 12-inch Cherry neck, Cherry rim

21056X- 12-inch Cherry neck, Walnut rim

21066X- 12-inch Cherry neck, Walnut rim, Tigerwood fretboard