"Steve is a brilliant woodworker and gets better with each production. I love it so much I just bought another instrument from this amazing craftsman." 20021-X

Buying a musical instrument designed to become part of your family requires trust by the buyer (you) and commitment by the seller (me). I will personally stand by every SBC Banjo (since I make them). My primary concerns to customers include:

· Deliver a Quality, Solid Hand Crafted Banjo

· Tone and Playability

· Craftmanship and Appeal – Pride in Ownership

· Customer Service

· Receiving Referrals and Recommendations – Tell your friends

I want your STONE BANJO to be the banjo you reach for when you sit down to play....

The SBC warranty is simple

· Conditionally unconditional warranty on manufacture and workmanship of wood components, excluding normal wear and tear from use or abuse (at the discretion of SBC (inspection required for determination).

· Obvious abuse or intentional damage will void guarantee (have to make this statement).

· One year warranty on hardware or at SBC discretion.

· The SBC warranty applies to the original buyer/owner direct from SBC or buyer through SBC authorized consignment/seller/agent arrangements.

· Sorry, custom inlay work cannot be warrantied. SBC will text/email photos of custom inlay projects throughout the work for customer review/approval.

SBC can provide non-warranty repairs/work/modifications at a reasonable cost to be negotiated.

General Information

I want to be perfectly honest with my customers….SBC banjos are designed to be played and played again, not sit in the corner protected. The banjo necks are sanded smooth; yet retain a natural woody, organic feel and presence. Banjo rims are all spun on a custom lathe/slide table system. My tolerances are to 100th-inch, providing a consistent banjo design. However, cross grain areas on the block bodies may be slightly less smooth and there may be an occasional check during the lathe process. These characteristics are inherent to working with wood and add to the organic appeal. Therefore, if you understand wood and appreciate natural wood character, you will recognize the simplicity of SBC banjos to welcome into your home as a new friend.

Thank You and I look forward to your business.

Steve Gerritsen, Owner and Banjo Builder