Banjo #24166X


Beautiful Cherry 12-inch partial resonator.  These banjos always display such great grain (photos don't capture).  The tone is normalized with slightly lower highs, mellower lows, and a reduced resonance/ overtones.  Just a nice balance to great addition to any banjo collection.   Finished off with a Bacote fretboard and peghead plate with a SBC custom double star.   

Cherry Neck, Walnut center stripe.  Bacote heel cap

Truss Rod

Renaissance Head

Bacote  fretboard - Peghead plate

Gotoh Planetary Tuners 

1.35 inch nut width

Custom SBC tension hoop with side holes

Wood Tone Ring

12-Inch - block Cherry  rim 

Antiqued Brass Hardware

Walnut Dowel Stick

Cherry Armrest 

No Knot Tailpiece

Curved scoop


(the partial Resonator takes a bunch of time to build and sculpt, but worth it)