One of a Kind OB with a few neat attributes:

ANTLER heel cap with cross inlay

Smoky Mt coin in Scoop.

Beautiful deer head inlay from DePaule Supply.

Just a great banjo.   The customer drove 8-hours to pick up.   What a cool way to culminate the build to hand deliver and chat.   

Another Persimmon (American Ebony) fretboard.   Beauty 

Persimmon Fretboard 

Curly walnut Peghead  plate

Walnut neck

Truss Rod

11-inch block walnut rim 

Wood tone ring

Fibryskin head - Tinted by Customer

Brass Planetary Tuners 

1.25 inch nut width

Aged Brass hardware

Walnut Dowel 

Walnut Armrest 

Built for Jeff in Illinois