Custom banjo for Ron in Washington

This was a special build for a great customer.  Where to start?

11-inch steambent chery rim, Curly maple neck, ebony fretboard, inlays, brass plate scoop, etc.   What is really cool is that the coins are ACTUAL coal mine script from the mines worked by Rons Grandfater in Kentucky.  Honored to build this family heirloom for a wonderful man. 

Balanced and warm tone.

Ebony Fretboard - Peghead Plate

Curly Maple Neck 

11-inch 2-ply steambent cherry rim 

Wood tone ring

Renaissance head

Brass Planetary Tuners 

1.25 inch nut width

Curved Scoop - BRASS PLATE

Aged Brass hardware

Walnut Dowel 

Walnut Armrest 

No Knot tailpiece

Coal scrip coin inlays

MOP inlay on peghead from DePaule Supply

Built for Ron in Washington