Stone Banjo Company History

Stone Banjo Company (SBC) was started to build QUALITY, ONE-OF-A-KIND HANDCRAFTED banjos for folks at an AFFORDABLE price.  My father built my first good banjo 40+ years ago from the instructions in the early Earl Scruggs book. The banjo sounded great and was my primary banjo for over 30 years and throughout my working career (just heavy as lead).  The concept of the banjo's construction, design, inlays, etc., always interested me. Therefore, harnessing my science/technical background combined with an independent, fix/make anything attitude, I realized that designing and making banjos is a perfect venture - Stone Banjo Company began its journey.  

SBC builds quality OPEN BACK banjos that meets the following simple objectives:

SBC maintains an inventory of stock banjos presented under the "FOR SALE" - Check them out.   New stock banjos will be added as they are completed.   I also maintain information on SOLD and CUSTOM banjos completed for customers to provide ideas.

Why the name "Stone Banjo Company":

I have a MS Degree in Geology with a successful career as a Hydrogeologist progressing toward retirement.  The name is a tribute to my career and love for all things related to Geology and the outdoors (particularly spending time in the mountains of Pennsylvania or West Virginia hiking, fishing, or on my mountain bike). The Mountain Laurel flower is a tribute to my awesome wife (i.e., her name is Laurel) for her unwavering support throughout the hours (and $$$$) endured while I am down in the shop over the years.

I am a lucky man!!! 

Last, I would like to thank my brother-in-law Mike, who designed the Stone Banjo Co. logo.  He nailed it!