Custom banjo for Chuck in Oregon City, OR

A-Scale setup with Nylgut strings.  Custom walnut floating tailpiect.  

Just a nice compact, solid banjo to add to the Westbound City Train vibe (Chucks Band).   Chuck was a great customer to work for.    Hope all the success in the future.  


Rosewood Fretboard

Rosewood Peghead Plate

Grainy walnut Neck 

11-inch block walnut rim - Great Grain (see below)

Wood tone ring

Renaissance head

Brass Planetary Tuners 

1.35 inch nut width

Curved Scoop

Aged Brass hardware

Walnut Dowel 

Grainy Walnut Armrest 

Walnut floating custom SBC  tailpiece

Built for Chuck  in Portland area - WESTBOUND CITY TRAIN.

Go check them out!!