Banjo #23117X


Old growth white oak rim from a 1880s barn that was renovated.   This banjo  was designed to provide the owner a feel of a truly ole time banjo with 140 year old thin rim and domestic woods.   Wickedly grained FRETLESS persimmon fretboard with filled knot in scoop,  Walnut fret guides.  Curly walnut peghead plate, mahogany neck.

FRETLESS with walnut fret guides.   finished with Nylgut strings.    

Very cool ole time plunky banjo .

Mahogany neck , Walnut veneer stripe

Renaissance Head

Truss Rod

Fretless Persimmon fretboard w/ fret guides

Curly Walnut Peghead plate

Custom SBC Persimmon floating tailpiece 

Planetary Tuners 

1.35 inch nut width

Custom SBC notched tension hoop 

12-Inch - block White Oak  rim - 1880 barn wood. thin walled ~0.4 inch thick

Wood tone ring 

Walnut Dowel Stick

Mahogany Armrest 

Curved  scoop